Not to be tamed...

...and I'm just fine being this way. Just fine.

'Ello, my friend! This is Perfectly Wild (formerly I'm Here for You), the approved fanlisting and mini shrine for that wildly wonderful exchange student Jim Crocodile Cook from the anime and manga of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. You are viewing layout version two, site revamped for the fanlisting's third anniversary in July 2010. The menu is above on the image, so all you need to do is simply click any of the words above; about, rules, join, update, codes, members, extras, or to return here, main. Happy browsing.

Current Fanlisting Status
Updated: December 07th, 2014
Member count: 120 (with 0 pending)
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"A pet?! This crocodile's my family!"

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Layout Credits

The layout was created by me, the fanlisting owner, in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and coded in notepad. Images are from the GX manga. The textures used on the layout are by Owaranai Kiss Designs and Cyanide. The brushes used on the layout are by Textuures. Bg from Squidfingers. Fanlisting running proudly since July 22nd, 2007.