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Hello! Welcome to Heart of a Dreamer, the fanlisting collective that belongs to Keyluna! Here you can find all the fanlistings I own, joined, want, and have coming in the future. Navigation (the menu) is above, so simply click any of the options in the image above. This layout you're viewing is version #2 of Heart of a Dreamer featuring the demon butler Sebastian Michaelis and his selfish young master Ciel Phantomhive of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) by the talented and lovely Yana Toboso! (Press the "F11" key for best viewing!) Enjoy your stay, and please go back to mentalsugar.net when you're done for my other websites and projects. ♥

Current Collective Status
Current: 10 (+ 1 upcoming + 0 pending)
Total Members Listed: 495 (+ 4 pending)
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"Ahh... There's still so much to do..."